Ballet / Jr Jazzin' Technique (Ages 5-11)
Michele Cox
Medomak Arts Center- Waldoboro (map and directions)
Friday, 3:40 PM - 4:40 PM
09/08/17 - 12/08/17 (14 weeks)


The Jr.Jazzin' portion of this class is designed for juniors, as well as ballet level I & II dancers. Both boys and girls enjoy the downbeat of this rhythmic dancing. Junior Jazzin' is inspired by today's Hip Hop craze and Jazz Dance. Hip, shoulder and rib cage isolations reflect the rhythmic downbeat of this Jazz music. Basic gymnastic tricks are often taught in this class, such as bridges, backward roles and cartwheels.
The ballet I portion of this class teaches young dancers ballet technique, taught in the Russian Vaganova style, with emphasis on carriage of the upper body. Throughout the year, ballet exercises are gradually added to the ballet barre, starting with plies, tendus, jetes and eventually rond de jambes, fondus and frappes and finally developpes and grand battements.
Our center floor routine includes balances, a variety of turns, small jumps and each dancer's favorite movement, running leaps. The mental and physical training at this level is integral to each dancer's development.


Upcoming Meetings
10/27/17    3:40 PM Friday 10/27/17 3:40 PM
11/03/17    3:40 PM Friday 11/03/17 3:40 PM
11/10/17    3:40 PM Friday 11/10/17 3:40 PM
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