Ballet III/ IV Technique
Heather Cox
P2P Dance Center: A (map and directions)
Wednesday, 4:15 PM - 5:30 PM
12/07/16 - 02/22/17 (12 weeks)

This class incorporates elements from technique level II and technique level III. The needs of both training levels will be met. 
Complete explanations of each ballet barre exercise will be given, especially during the early stages of session I. Instructions will be offered during the barre and center floor combinations, so that each dancer may understand, learn or review the proper execution of each ballet step, turn or jump.
Level III elements will also be incorporated in this class, thus providing the appropriate difficulty for intermediate level dancers. Level II students may further challenge their skills with these same combinations or, at the discretion of the teacher, alternate exercises will be offered to level II dancers.

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